Takida Oshimi: Somewhere I belong/ Thanksgiving

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Takida Oshimi: Somewhere I belong/ Thanksgiving

Post  DM Kabuto on Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:06 pm

The Nightmares pile up now...
I have tried everything i can to keep them away. My Family, My clan. The rumors of a bloodline within my clan. And now. Bloodline hunters.

My journey to the leaf was not a pleasant one. I had no friends. I had no life. My life as a child, what i can remember of it. Was not simple. My clan had a very do or die attitude. Staying true to anything they promised even in the face of death a promise was a promise. Everyday we trained. The training was tough enough that most children did not live past the age of 6. At the age of 8 most of the villages children would be dead from over use of chakra training. The jutsu that we were trained in and all things had to be powerful. This was not a clan obsessed with power. This was a clan obsessed with protection. The Clan Oshimi. We were nobles by our own right. We protected. We helped. And we always served a true cause. It was almost non existent for a member of the clan to leave. We were a tightly knit clan. Many families but one clan. My clan's Taijutsu was among the most feared in the region. Open palm. The double edged sword. It was said that those who had become masters in it's use could wield power rivaling that of the Hyuga Clan. While the Hyuga Focused Chakra to their finger tips & used their innate sight to shut down the chakra points in a person, ours was perhaps more. Brutal. By focusing the chakra to our palms we would shut down clusters of chakra points in key areas. Using the knowledge of anatomy this made the Oshimi Clan Dangerous... as well as sought after. Our Med Nin were revered in their knowledges. The entire clan was known as scholars. Knowledge is power. Power is Symbolic of a never ending cycle of mistrust. Mistrust leads to war. And so The Oshimi Clan over looked most wars. Only serving as protectors. This is Just some knowledge for you... food for thought.

My life.. what I can remember of it... was not unlike any other member of my clan. Training Physically everyday. And when you could no longer physically endure the pain... your Jutsu training would begin. sometimes being trained for days on jounin level jutsu not many of my friends lived. I endured. I survived. The weak... well they didn't last long. Some of my best friends perished for the betterment... & strength of the clan. I had always wanted to become a Medical Ninja. It was my dream. I had at the age of 8 years old already become a child prodigy, I had mastered The Open Palm Technique Taijutsu of my clan. And had begun studying medical ninjutsu. This combination would have made me a very lethal foe. The Clan constantly rose concerned over the day that the "organization" might take interest in me. I had no clue what they meant. The day I was to receive my training as a med nin is the day my life changed forever.

I woke up that morning to see someone walking out of my clan district. It was I am guessing a member of my clan. To this day i cannot remember who she is... I remember she had Blond hair. Tied back with a red ribbon. The district was quiet. I went to my parents to see what was happening, they were dead... they were all dead. Everyone had died. The city police arrived in moments. Like they knew something had happened. For days i was in protective custody. Rumors flew. Some believed that A man by the name of Orochimaru had taken interest in my clan & the rumors of our bloodline. To someone within the clan having a vendetta against us. It is possible. We were great allies and terrible enemies to many people. However after a year a new rumor arose. One that everyone who was angered about the clan's destruction took to very easily. At 8 years old. I was a child prodigy. To call me smart would be like saying that the Hokage were not wise. I was a child genius. I had already mastered Open Palm. Including some of its forbidden training. And was to begin Medical Ninja training. It was apparent that i had killed my entire clan. It was the only answer. For this I was given trial. The feudal lord himself attended. It was said that when i pleaded for my life. Even a child could not sway this decision. Verdict. Guilty. Sentence. Death. I was placed in hold for a week and was unfed to ensure my inability to fight back should the needs arose. As I lay there in my cell something happened. The night before my execution I heard to body's fall to the floor outside my door. A backpack. A change of clothes. Food rations. And a plate of food was sitting by the door. With a note.... one word is written on it... "run". I quickly ate the food frightened like a beaten dog I took the backpack & everything within it & ran. I ran until i could not move any longer. I found myself laying in a field. hearing tracking dogs & ninja movement I crawled to the nearest stream i could. I tumbled into the stream thinking it would mask my scent.... that it did, however i did not take into account that it was flood season. Without strength I quickly lost focus and fell unconscious. I drifted like a piece of wood for days down that stream.. i have no clue how far I had gone. The first thing I heard or even saw was a woman. She picked me up out of the water and took me to the nearest hospital. It was there that the medical ninja worked night and day to keep me alive. when i finally grew stable I was asked my name. I answered... My name is Takida Oshimi. The room grew silent... I thought I had died... It was when a woman bent over me She was wearing a green over coat, a white shirt underneath, and her blond hair fell to the sides. I do not know who she was... I was too out of if from the experience. She said "Well, Takida Oshimi. Welcome to Konoha, Village of the leaf. Rest well, and this maybe your home."

Home. It is not a word that felt welcome in my mind. I strived for perfection. And it got me branded as a Traitor and a Murderer at the age of nine.

I decided to keep it quiet. many people shunned me. I decided that I had to become stronger. A shinobi. Or ninja of the leaf. I enrolled in the academy. Under strong protest I was allowed to enter. It was said that the Hokage had to personally allow my entrance due to lack of evidence. Parents kept their children away from me. Afraid of me. I do not blame them.

I was kept back several times. Now several years have past and i have become a shinobi. Now a genin I thought I had reached a new strength. I was wrong. And now....

I work... Harder harder than anyone i know... I have made friends... but I must forget this.... I must remit all the feelings. But I will admit this... the friends I have met. Have been true... like those of my clan. I will miss them... but I must become numb...

I will become a Chuunin. Then i will look for the one who destroyed my clan. I will. I will not fail. I will triumph. I will gather information. I will not loose again. I will ... endure.

To those who believe in me.... trust in me... Don't forget me... memories... In memory lies true immortality.

I believe I have found where I belong... but I owe the leaf a great deal of service. This I cannot do on my own. I will go and study. Everything. Then when the time is right.....

I will belong.

(last entry of the diary. Found in this apartment the day after his death.) It was signed with a final note.

I have found someone to teach me in the ways of knowledge.

But in his research i know... my goal is at hand.

Aburame Taka, Jin, Shera, Goodbye.

Oshimi. Takida.
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Takida Oshimi: Thanksgiving

Post  DM Kabuto on Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:11 pm

It is never odd to Takida when the thinks about his friends. Yet it can be seen on the Holidays he becomes closed off just a bit. Thanksgiving being not an exception. Everyone knows Takida to be as caring as he can be. First to stand up and defend his friends, but what of Thanksgiving. Handashi to be with his daughter and closest friends, Taka with the Aburame Clan, even Those who call him Sensei would be at home celebrating with their friends and family. But a strange thing happened on his way home from the market that day he ran into a girl. Chira is her name. And all she wanted was her first thanksgiving.

The thought of helping her lightened his mood, but at the thought of being alone once again brought him back down. He sat and he ponder the meaning of it all. What is this great feast and thanksgiving in the fall? He was unsure of the answer, so out the door he went, asking question and gathering answers, but the answers to him mattered not at all. It was the feeling in side which he didn't understand. To measure your life by your family and friends. To give thanks for things given, the good times & the bad, to look to your family, friends, and fellow man. These were all answers he had heard before. "These answers have become generic...they've become such a bore, Why can't I find the true feeling, one I haven't heard before." he thought to himself feeling disgusted.

Watching people rush from one place to the next, He had not a clue who to speak to about this question which vexed. Slowly he pondered the meaning of it all. Why this giving of thanks... why even at all. "We have everyday to tell our friends that we care. To tell our families, our teachers, with whom our love we share. Why do we rush for this and trample for that. Even the shopping is done in this way. Look at this grand feast you prepared.... But how many people did you trample to get this feast here?" So many things he want to just shout... But in reality... it is pain that this shinobi knows. For on a gathering of families and feasts all prepared... There is one shinobi... that will not be there.

On his way out of town several people stop and they stare. "Where are you going Takida?".... "Me?...no where..." A voice from behind him he turns just to see. It's this quiet girl. A Rock Shinobi. Yumi is her name. She Smiles faintly having been there a few times in his time of need. He looks her over expecting injury instead he sees her holding a turkey. Not just a turkey it is battered and thin. Probably the last one they had. It would probably be a sickening sight if not for the bag of sugar, cranberries and jam. She has sweet potatoes, and dressings for salads, She had lettuce and carrots, she had just about everything she needed but looked quite distressed. She held to many bags in her arms and with not enough hands; the bags soon gave way and Takida's reflexes took over.

She smiled giving a quick bow. Thank you for saving my dinner. He expected to hear. Maybe an invitation to dinner this year. He sat there in dauntless expression as he helped her away. To her cart he helped fill with food for her thanksgiving day. He seemed pleased to help her it lightened his heart. He stared first to her and then to her cart. "If you need help with that I would be Glad to be of help"..."Is really no problem"... as he started pushing the cart. They walked for Some time till reaching the edge of the land of grass... He was silent for most off the trip. Yet he failed asked. She smiled to him as 2 Rock jounin helped her cross the boarder. he smiled in return as he turned on his way home. She stammered out something which he failed to hear only giving an acknowledging wave as he slowly walked away.

As he re-entered leaf nearly ready for the festivals. The decorations were bright in the air. The Lanterns all lit, the dinners all cooked. The Turkeys all basted.... yet him.... and this damn book... he looked to it's pages. some weathered and old... Some new and unused... with story yet to unfold. He looked to the book with hatred in his eyes. A feeling he once purged the day it made him cry. He looked through it's pages and was held back by what he saw. "Was I really like this? Did I care nothing at all?" He came to some parts while standing in the street. Some made him cringe while others made him weep. He pain all written down. Some not in his hand, Some written by Shera a jounin of the sand. He cared for her this he knew was true. The lengths he had gone. And still no one knew. The note he wrote to her still sealed away. He knew she had read it when he had gone away.

Still walking through the city reading his book... the many years past through the pages he looked. his friends lived and died. Some by his hand. His gentle hands shook like a leaf caught in the wind. He had no clue of the life he had lead. Kuroshi looked to him with a sadness in his eyes. He knew Takida and how hard it was to make him Cry. Till finally he came to a passage of age. One that he dared not to remove the page. The entry was simple its message was clear. "My mother is proud of me and my siblings. We have all grown into our branch. "You'll be a fine leader" she says "to lead out clan is the destiny you have. Your Brothers and sisters will aid you where they can.".... "Takida I love you I want you to always remember that. But strength you have to find in yourself and no one else. Your friends will support you...Your father and I will always be there for you"....I had just finished my training and was to receive my Training for the Clan elders. I was a prodigy. A rare breed of my clan. Born of Royal blood the best was expected of me. So the best i became... I remember the night before my birthday. The night before it all happened. I was laying in bed as my mother came in. She smiled me and tucked me in. Kissing me on the forehead she handed me something. It was a birthday present. "shh don't tell your father"... my eyes welled up and i began to cry. not For pain.. but for happiness, I could not keep my eyes dry. I opened the gift and there it was. A gift I would treasure forever, one i would never release. And i hold it today vowing never to release. I woke up that morning expecting a party of some sort. I walked through the house it was as empty as can be. Although I smelled something burning.. but what could it be. I walked outside to see what i could find. I was shocked to see a bonfire. "Are they out of their minds"..."This is a time of war, what are you doing" I yelled these words as I ran closer to see, the bonfire was not wood. It was bodies. For what seemed like an eternity I stopped and stared. My mother and my father... neither were there... i searched all over and finally found them in each others arms. Covered in blood. this sight etched in my mind...my parents sitting at a table...my presents in line.

I ran to the streets to see one woman. And three children walking from town. No matter how fast i was... They were long gone by now........ "I finished this chapter wanting to throw the book down. To get rid of these memories. And end the disgust. It is that woman... one I will find and to my blade I will thrust." He closed the book as he walk toward the gate. He walked by the the Nara's home as they sat down to eat, passing the Akimitchi home and the Aburame's own street. He passed by the flower shop as they turn the closed sign, he passed by the Hatake home which was locked up tight. He passed by a small rented hall where the jounin thanksgiving party was being held. He looked on as he walked passed the door. Several stopped just watching him walk. Asking "Whats wrong?" He would smile and Say"Nothing. I am just on Patrol. I have dinner waiting at home." as he offered his lie they would walk away. Until he bumped into him not paying attention. He stood of decent height and hand some weight to him. His jacket was red as stood on wood clogs. His Hair was long and white he smiled interestingly as he wrote notes in his book. "Well Hey there Takida! How are you tonight?" "Just fine Jiraiya-sama, I'm on Patrol tonight." he looked at Takida giving him a quizzical grin,"Now we both now thats a lie... Why not hang out with Jin?" He looked to Jiraiya and smiled and answered quickly," I have already considered that but here it the thing... Jin is Probably with some girl and I don't want to disturb him, Taka is with the aburame, the other Jin is no where to be found. Shera is gone, Kazu is too, So is Blake, Hiro, and everyone else. Now. I understand you are trying to help. But I don't need it I sorry to say... Where the hell is Naruto anyway?" "Naruto is spending time with Sakura and Sai... Me I am headed to the... Hot springs"he covers" So good night Takida. enjoy your Patrol. If want to hang out just let me know."

Takida wanted to curse and hit him as hard as he could. Instead he just smiled as much as he could. Stopping by Ichiraku it was already closed. Maybe it's time to just head home. Its a long walk, he had time to reflect while even Kuroshi had even left. He reached his home and opened the Door. He was to tired to care as he locked the door. He walked to the kitchen and cut some fresh ham he cut it to cubes and added it to broth. Boiling some ramen he sat and he took a quick drink. As he gentle lit a candle while he sat in wait. The food it finished and he finally ate. A thanksgiving dinner in a bowl, not a plate. No Turkey, no stuffing, no gravy, no wine. Not even the simplest cranberry Jam. He finished the noodles and then followed the broth. He looked onto that Gift witch he will never let go... The candle light faded as he drifted off to sleep. Looking at a picture... of 3 boys, 2 girls, a father, and a mother holding a baby. on the corner of the Photo it was battered and old. Was a simple message which Takida still holds.

"Never give up Son, We're always here. Happy birthday, See you next year"

"I'll never forget you" he says his eyes growing heavy."I will find the person and make them pay" He looks to the picture fading to sleep. "Happy Thanksgiving Oshimi Clan." His vision fades to Black... another Thanksgiving gone.... Thank goodness for that.

((I did not realize the Rhyme until AFTER i wrote this. Hope it was enjoyable at least. Because not everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving))
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