Cloud: Ryoushi Shokunin

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Cloud: Ryoushi Shokunin

Post  DM Ramen on Mon Dec 15, 2008 12:33 pm

Ryoushi Shokunin

The Ryoushi Shokunin, or, Quantum Tinkers is a bloodline that is actually from the Village hidden in the Clouds. This is a hidden bloodline which only comes forth after the body has reached a certain point of power, as some of the affects of this bloodline trait can but extreme strain on the body. Quantum Tinkers are usually very secretive of the abilities they obtained, and they are usually not people to speak about their powers.

It is said that the entire bloodline was first started when a Cloud Ninja by the name of Ermach Tel'Thaarin had experimented specifically with lightning, and how to harness it within the body, not just in Chakra, but in it's physical form. It lead him to devise a way to be struck with lightning on a powerful stormy night, which changed his abilities forever. The change caused was that of his genetic code as well, a mutation as it where, which is passed on, rarely to offspring of the Tel'Thaarins. It's said that only one in ever five or so generations actual inherit this trait later on in life, but those that do undergo changes to their inner body which allow them the powers they posses. The next to inherit this ability is that of Jack Tel'Thaarin, however he has not reached a stage in his development as to be able to use this power yet.

How it works: The way that this blood trait works, is rather complex. The Chakra and actual bodily fluids of those who posses this trait is pumped full of more electrons, far more then normal, to the point where it almost seems as if they are electrified themselves. This isn't the case however, but the manipulation of these extra electric generators if you will is their strength. By using the Chakra and the body fluids together, the Quantum Tinker can Supercharge jutsu of the electric type (Or things that are able to conduct electricity, such as water) to aid in the use of these Jutsu.

Inherent Abilities:

Supercharging: The manipulation of the extra electrons in the blood and charka itself, automatically makes lightning jutsu more powerful. The electrons become more excited, causing more power to be pumped into a Jutsu for the same Chakra cost. This is an effective way to boost all lightning jutsu, and even some water Jutsu, if this is pulled off correctly. This adds a total of 1d6 damage to any lightning jutsu (Water jutsu, if applicable have special conditions, and usually only give a bonus +2 damage)

Speed: The actual speed of the Quantum Tinkers is also increased by a substantial amount. This is due to the fact that the bloodline possesses some qualities of lightning itself, mainly that of speed. This speed boosts the reflexes both mentally and physically, giving them an automatic +2 to dodge any attacks, be they melee, or any sort of Jutsu.

In depth lightning affinity: Chakra costs are cut by 25% (Rounded down) For all jutsu of the lightning type due to the fact that such power literally runs in their veins.

Jutsu and Activated Abilities:


Crackling Bolt Jutsu
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 4
RP Effect: Extending the fingers, the user emits an instant blast of lightning which strikes the target. It costs more Chakra then an Electric Jolt, however it is a bit stronger as it packs more of a punch
PvP Effect: 1d12 damage

Cloud of Static Jutsu
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 5
RP Effect: Creates a cloud of highly charged static electricity, which covers an area approximately 30 meters in radius from the user. The user is unaffected by this Jutsu, however all compasses in the area will be totally disrupted due to magnetism. Anyone entering the area takes damage, and continues to take damage the longer they stay in the area. Allies are also affected
PvP Effect: Does 1d4 damage upon entering the area, and does 1d4 damage each turn an enemy stays within the area. If staying in the area a successive three turns, the damage increases to 1d6 damage. This Jutsu stays for 1d6+1 round

Lightning Stab Jutsu
Rank: B
Chakra Cost: 12
RP effect: Upon using this Jutsu, the user may then attack with a melee strike of the fist. Upon hitting, the target is hit with a bolt of lightning from the fist dealing heavy damage. This strikes any enemies that are directly behind the opponent up to ten feet
PvP Effect: Upon hitting, does 1d20+1d8 damage to a target, and any targets behind the one struck, however, if a person were directly behind a target they only take half of what the first person took

Lightning Dragon Flash
Rank: A
Chakra Cost: 19
RP Effect: In the dragon stance, the user focuses Chakra into his fingertips. Upon attacking the enemy, the Jutsu fakes form of a large dragons face, whose maw rips into the target. This attack is made for strikes which are supposed to do extreme damage to a foe. The skin is unharmed, however the electricity from the dragons teeth rupture important blood vessels, and cause major organs to fail all at once if a hit is direct. This causes a total of PvP Effects: 1d20 + 2d8 damage. The opponent must roll a Constitution save + 1/2 level which is = to the users attack roll, or take 1d10 Chakra damage, as the lightning overloads the system, making it hard to expend chakra.

Tachyon Strike Jutsu
Rank: S
Chakra Cost: 25
RP Effect: This attack takes a very, very large amount of Chakra to do, and can be considered a last resort only. Upon using this Jutsu, the user fires off high speed particles that move faster then the speed of light, and upon hitting the opponent do enough damage to tear holes through their entire body. This is meant as a last resort, because if the user runs out of Chakra upon using this attack, they will die. This is the ultimate attack of the Quantum Tinkers (Permakill if they use this and are stupid enough to use up ALL of their Chakra). However, if the cause of death is from this attack, the remaining power of the now dead Quantum Tinker is released with the attack, the souls last chance at vengence
PvP Effect: This does a total of 2d20+10 damage normally if it hits. If the user dies when using this attack (Permakill from total Chakra drain) then this is automatically considered a critical hit. This is a last resort Jutsu


Rapid Fury Barrage
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 5
RP Effect: The user hits the opponent one, to twenty times. Each strike does light damage, but if enough hits get through it can all add up
PvP Effect: Can be dodged/blocked/Substituted as normal. Upon successful attack roll, user rolls 1d20 damage. This is RPed as hitting the opponent the number of times on the 1d20, each hit doing 1 damage. IE: Rolling 10: Hit 10 times, do 10 damage

Speed of Light Strike
Rank: B
Chakra Cost: 10
RP Effect: The user moves at near speed of light to attack their opponent. This leaves an opponent totally unable to defend themselves against the first attack made. Two attacks are made in total, the first will hit automatically, the second can be blocked or dodged. This must be used with unarmed combat ONLY.
PvP Effect: 1 free hit at full damage, then normal attack. Sharingan and Byakugan cannot defend against the first attack. This attack.
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Re: Cloud: Ryoushi Shokunin

Post  Karasu Hiei on Wed Dec 31, 2008 1:58 pm

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Re: Cloud: Ryoushi Shokunin

Post  DM Zabuza on Wed Dec 31, 2008 8:45 pm

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Re: Cloud: Ryoushi Shokunin

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