Ishiyama, Saika (aka: The Little Spider)

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Ishiyama, Saika (aka: The Little Spider) Empty Ishiyama, Saika (aka: The Little Spider)

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Shinobi History: Ishiyama, Saika (aka: The Little Spider)
Village: Konoha
Clan: Ishiyama (sole survivor*)
Current Rank: Special Jonin Exclamation Exclamation
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 135 lbs.
Hair: Black
Current age: 22
Eyes: Dark Blue
Element: Wind (no known Ninjutsu)
Specialties: Kenjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu
Hobbies: SAKE Very Happy < STALKING HATAKE,KAKASHI Shocked Shocked Shocked <SAKE Very Happy <SAKE Very Happy (BELIEVE IT!!! afro )
Nindo: "NO RETREAT...EVER!" ((BELIEVE IT!!! afro ))
Associates>>> Kawoto, Jin, Uchiha, Ichiban, Millomein, Jard, Uingu, Enjeru, a large leatherbound Jug of Sake! Twisted Evil

(*note: Ishiyama clan was decimated to 1/10 its original size during their bold attacks during the Great Shinobi Wars and subsequent invasion of Konaha by the Kyuubi** ((nine-tailed Biju))
Born only child of Saito (*Clan leader) and Kagura Ishiyama. Sent to Kengo master at age 7 because of her early skills with a blade. Returned to Konoha 8 years later only to suffer the immediate effects of Orochimaru's "Crush The Leaf" invasion. Saito is killed in the streets by Udon, one of the notorious "Sound 4" while scrambling to get wife and daughter home as giant snakes and shinobi from both the Sand and Sound invade Konoha. A grief stricken Kagura is also murdered shortly after by another member of the group but the timely arrival of Leaf Shinobi launching their counter-attack saves Saika's life and the Sound 4 head toward their true target, the Third Hokage, who had begun a bitter one-on-one deathmatch with former pupil and invasion mastermind, Orochimaru, who ironically, had also once been the Hokage's choice to succeed him in the office. *( ((*Title of Fourth Hokage was instead given to a younger shinobi, father of Konoha's current Jinchuurikii, Uzumaki, Naruto, in whom he managed to seal the demon at the cost of his own life. The third Hokage leaves retirement and resumes leadership of the village.))) It was at this moment Saika, the first and only kunoichi in the history of the Ishiyama clan, became the bearer of the legendary sword, Kaze. A family heirloom passed down for generations to "wind-natured", male leaders of the clan. This magical blade is encircled at all times by a tornado-like storm of swirling wind needles and ranges from low hum to loud clang when Saika's own chakra is poured directly into a Kengo attack. Saika vows a blood oath of vengeance against the Sound 4 and Orochimaru, and returns to her Kengo master for two final, brutal years of training. Returns once again to Konoha at age 18 and enrolls in the shinobi academy. Upon graduation, she is placed in Squad 8 along with *Aburame, Yashamime (*then Allin), and Uingu, Enjeru under sensei Tamashii, Reimei. The squad, with Kurosawa, Megumi, (filling in for Yasha who did not participate) then entered the chuunin exams. Saika reaches the finals but is then pitted against her best friend, a slightly younger very silly kunoichi known only as Sako. She fights half heartedly and is therefore defeated. Of all defeated finalists she alone, was also promoted to the rank of chuunin by 5th Hokage, Tsunade, one of the legendary Sannin, the 3 great shinobi of legend. Serves faithfully in her duties for a year and begins learning genjutsu at the suggestion of fellow shinobi Hyuuga, Hiro, of the noble clan of Hyuuga. It is also in this period several of Saika's close friends from the academy are killed in action and or missing presumed dead, including Uchiha, Sao, Gaki No Dachi, sensei Reimeii, who had taken her own life after leaving the village and being discarded by the foul ninja who lured her away, former Akatsuki member, Vindel, and the disappearances of another traitor, Uchiha, Kidora and her own best friend, Sako. Recently rumored to have been approached by Orochimaru himself, while caught in a genjutsu of one of Orochimarus underlings. (***the remaining incidents surrounding this episode have been moved to top-secret Anbu files, known only to Anbu's leader, Uchiha, Ichiban, Hanabi, and three other Anbu, along with Tsunade-sama.) Apparently cleared of all charges against her, she is later summoned to the Hokage's office and promoted to the rank of Special Jonin.
-present day- cheers lol!

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