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Post  Xmachina on Sun Dec 14, 2008 6:02 pm

Academy~ complete
D Rank~ 1 complete
C Rank~ N/A
B Rank~ 1 complete
A Rank ~N/A
S Rank~ N/A

Every morning Jekio rolls out of bed at five AM sharp to shower, get dressed and eat. He prefers his shower scalding hot and his toast a bit burnt. He passes a picture on the wall of his Mother, Father, and a 6 year old version himself. It used to trigger sadness in him but after 11 years he has pretty much gotten used to being alone. Dad died in a mission. He was never told how, but he had a feeling it was in a way which fit his father's nindo, the same nindo which he had now come to stand by. His mother never returned from an errand to the mountains a year later. But that was the past and the only thing he could do was to live each day as well as he could.

Most days Jekio spends most of his time in the library and the hospital. But last week he had been going to see Sensei Iruka at the academy when he saw something that would make his heart leap. Her pink hair, her soft features, her strong physique. Was she for real? He bowed politely to her as he does to all he meets. He asked how she was and in the most melliflurous voice he had ever heard she told him she had to go to the training grounds. He offered his help and so he went to Iruka sensei and used his two million ryu account to get this enthralling girl the best that the store could offer. She hadn't expected such kindness from a stranger. He brought her to the training forest. They had a talk for a while and trained, then he made a picinic complete with Konoha specials and a nice shade umbrella. She must have been timid to accept food from a stranger but that showed she had good common sense. He liked that, but he showed that nothing was wrong with the food and she ate with him.
They trained more until some Jounin came and watched. The one tried "helping" Saianori with her thaijutsu but Jekio didn't approve of how he would flick Saianori's head if she had done something wrong. That's not how you treat a woman. The man angered him but he thought Saianori would object at some point. She did not. So Jekio told the man to try being nicer and mabey she would learn better. He rather had a bad attitude but didn't hurt her again.

The next day they met and she wore the gear he had bought for her. We shall see how their Date goes later.

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Post  Xmachina on Mon Dec 15, 2008 1:48 pm

Jekio comes to the tailors to return an item to Saianori. He first

notices she seems to be ...ehem... crossing some boundaries.
(roll 26 listen) Her vioce isn't the same. Jekio pulls a kunai and

warns her to reveal herself, whoever she is! Suddenly Saianori

walks in and shouts "Maianori! What the hell are you doing?"
They go back and forth for a while with Jekio barely keeping up

with what's happening. He interjects: "But, W-which one did I

fall....?" "In love with?" Maianori says. "That would be me! I am

your lover She is your teammate." *nibbles on Jekio's ear*

Saianori pulls her off and screams "What the hell are you doing?

Youv'e screwed with my reputation again!" and they argue more

until Saianori leaves.

(The drama!) Twisted Evil


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