Tetsuo Ryuutei

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Tetsuo Ryuutei

Post  DM Zabuza on Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:35 pm

Name: Tetsuo Ryuutei
Actual lvl in NWN: 37
Rank: Jounin (Rogue)
Element: Earth/Water
D Rank - over 30 (Handashi likes his ramen...)
C Rank - 3
B Rank - 2
A Rank - 0

Known Ninjutsu:
E Rank:
-Water Substitution, Henge, Jump Technique

D Rank:
-Attacking Plants (Earth-based) - The ground trembles bursting out it's inside roots towards one enemy, 1d10 damage
-Earth Release (Earth-based) - Forms boulders and rocks for the user to perform D and E rank jutsu with them.
-Exploding Earth Jutsu (Earth-based) - shoots from the user's mouth a rock with the firepower of an M80, 1d10 damage
-Whip Of Water Jutsu (Water) - creates a whip made of water that can be used as a weapon with no penalties.

C Rank:
-Sinkhole Jutsu (Earth-based) - opens a 8 feet cavity beneath the target, making he get quite a fall, 2d8 damage
-Water Tornado Jutsu (Water) - Creates a water tornado that can be used offensively or defensively, being able to block taijutsu with 1d8 damage or to attack causing 2d8 damage.

B Rank:
-Stone Petrify Jutsu (Earth) - petrify's the opponent's legs, "stunning" them for 1d6 rounds. Unblockable, but can roll STR to break free.
-Water Dragon Jutsu (Water) - creates a dragon projectile made of water to crash at the target. 3d10 damage.
-Kage Bunshin Jutsu - creates a real clone of self. Poofs if hit.

Known Taijutsu:
E rank:
-Regular unarmed and two-handed sword skills

D rank:
-Chakra imbue ( unarmed ) - Flows chakra to his fists for a more powerful strike, adds an extra 1d4 damage
-Crescent Slash ( Sword ) - A swordplay move where he jumps and slashes down and diagonally, adds +2 to the damage roll.
-One Strike Two Cuts ( Sword ) - Creates a clone and attacks with perfect timeing and synchrony, confusing the enemy of the attacks direction and taking the advantage of the open guard to get another hit, +1d4 damage

C Rank:
- Chakra imbue (Sword) - Flows chakra to his blade to create more powerful attacks, +1d6 damage
- Hidden Mist Sword Technique: Boomerang Throw - Throws his sword at the oponent and uses chakra to control it to strike around him, in case of failure for the first attack roll can perform a second with -2 penalty, normal damage.
- Body Flicker : Allows user to move at incredible speeds.

A Rank:
-Heaven and Earth Slash (Sword) - A powerful and unstable slash powered by massive amounts of pure chakra and brute strength, +1d10 damage
-Twillight Dragon Storm (Sword)-A storm of lickering slashes with no end, crushing the opponents sense of direction, +1d8 dmg and -4 to the target next defense rolls if hit.

S Rank:
-The Dragon God Slash (Sword) - the ultimate Ryuutei jutsu that harms the own user, +3d8+1d6 Dmg, 1d10+half the user wis mod damage to User. Roll con after performing the jutsu, DC 22. If fails, the user is K.Oed

S Rank
Known Genjutsu: -

Known Clan Jutsu
D Rank:
- Dragon Spirit Jutsu - using Ryuutei chakra, he increases his hostility and attack effectiveness sacrificing more of his defense skills, +1 attack rolls and -1 defense rolls for 1d6 rounds

C Rank:
- Flying Dragon Jutsu - i.e Body Flicker
-Twilight Dragon Jutsu - Using Flying Dragon Jutsu with great mastery, he can slash twice at one opponent almost simultaniously, crashing it's guard when you cannot tell from where the second nor the first strike came from, +1d4 damage and -1 to the opponents roll for 1 round.

B Rank:
- Dragon Rejuvenescence Jutsu - an chakra molded dragon would circle around the user, stabilizing momentarily the Ryuutei chakra. The Ryuutei bloodline won't spend any cp per turn while active for 1d10+half the user's con mod.

A Rank:
- Greater Dragon Rejuvenescence Jutsu - Like Dragon Reju., but regens 2 hp and cp for each round.

Quotes: "...::sighs:: Yeah, whatever..."
Likes: Fighting, Sword practice, Evolving his skills, Teuchi's Ramen, Shani Lyonson.
Dislikes: Entering in Ryuutei Berserk, obeying orders he doesn't agree to, not remembering his past, anyone who attacks his few friends.
Misc.: Wears a dark glove with the number 8 written on it.

Physical Description: Tall and strong, short spiked hair black as night, always with an serious unfriendly look that makes him look a lot older then he actually is (around 19, 20 years old). He wears the Mist headband wraped on his right bicep. He always has a calm but extremely serious expression, that seems a lot more menacing due to the X scar on his face, even though he's not as hostile as before. He always speaks calmly in a bit uncareing way, but never losing his serious expression. The rare ocasions when he jokes around are when he is with his friends, and since he became a chuunin, these times seem to be even more rare.
Once Tetsuo enters on Ryuu no Gekido (Dragon's Wrath), his expression becomes much more wild and fierce. His battlelust can even make him grin during a fight. The tatoos that evelvos his body during it always forms the same pattern, and his scar toghether with his fierce eyes complete the pattern as they glow as deep as the tatoos.

Short Bio: Lost his parents during one of the many civil wars at the Hidden Mist Village, he never learned how to make friends or having much of a social life, and as time pdarned by, he stopped caring. Raising himself, he devoted himself entirely to his sword and ninja training, spending most of his life just answering to his instructors and nothing more, living completely alone. There was always something deep beneath his guts that always arose during battle and training, fighting like a wild beast, injuring severely his cldarnmates during training oftenly. His cold ways always suddenly changing to a wild berserker made him someone hard to live with, but he knows how to control himself when necessary, for the sake of his darnignements.
The biggest mistery about him is the "X" formed scar on his face. No one at the Hidden Mist Academy haves a clue about how he got it, and he never answers when asked...

Twisted Evil Evil or Very Mad

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Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei

Post  DM Zabuza on Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:40 pm

Theme Songs

About the lack of memories of his past, wondering if it is better to let it go or to keep on it's pursue.
Steve Conte - Heaven's Not Enough (Wolf's Rain OST)

Feelings towards Shani
Seatbelts - Goodnight Julia (Cowboy Bebop)

Everyday Theme

Fighting Theme
Seatbelts - TANK!

Rage Theme
Black Sabbath - War Pigs
(NOT for Bush/Iraq war supporters)
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Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei

Post  DM Zabuza on Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:42 pm

10 years ago

It was dark, cold and rained for almost two weeks. A man stood in the darkness, holding a katana soaked in blood, his body all covered with red bursting flames, like an devilish aura. The entire room was covered in blood, many body parts spreaded on the ground, all of them were dead. Many were wearing a Mist headband, while other were just wearing noble clothes. Matters not, they were all dead, except for the two of them.

The opened an evil grin as he walked towards the scared little boy across the room, holding on to his mother's sliced corpse, tears falling from the boy's face. The man said nothing as he still walked towards him, his eyes glowing beneath those red flames that surrounded him, as he lifted the bloody blade, ready to cut the little boy open. Completely powerless, the boy just kept his eyes shut as he kept embracing his mother tight, his scream of anguish stuck on his throat, fighting to come out.

The devil stroke twice, cutting his forehead, leaving a cross mark as the boy started scraming in pain. Tasting the young blood left on his sword with his tongue, the devil started laughing. The boy could do nothing, trying to understand the reason to all that as the blood of his open wound started painting his face red, stinging his eyes, so he couldn't see straight. He could only feel the squirt of blood hitting his face, and hear the devils screams of pain, slowly turning into a mad laughter until it faded away. Soon enough, he would faint for the loss of blood from his wounds.

As his eyes started opening, he was being carried away by a group of Mist ANBU. It seemed like it finally stopped raining. He had no strength left to even moan, he could just watch. Tears fell started cleaning the stains of blood at his face, as he saw his house burst on fire. The last thing he remeber that night was seeing the emblem on the door, saying "Ryuutei's Estate".

When he woke up, he was laying down in the hospital's bed, his wounds wraped up in bandages. He just started looking straight to the roof for the passing hours, after he read the note that was left beside him, maybe from the ones that rescued him. The note said:

-To Tetsuo Ryuutei.

The village informs by this message you that your parents, Shinji Ryuutei and Chyoko Ryuutei, have been killed by rebels of unidentified nature. From now on, your guard has been set on the village due the lack of relatives to take you in, and register your entry at the Academy as soon as your wounds are healed.-

The missing signature didn't bothered Tetsuo at first, since his mind was storming violently, his head ache. Many of his memories of that night were blurry, he could not think straight. All he could remember was the devil's face, covered in red flames, grinning. Tetsuo releases a whisper from his lips, as he kept staring at the roof.



The ANBU's orders

-The Ryuutei clan is now considered a criminal organization by the Mist village, due to the finding of evidence relating them with the recent criminal rebel actions that closely culminated into a new civil war on these past 5 years. Thus, the Mizukage orders the clan's extermination, with the condition of leaving the youngest member of the clan alive and taking him in. The village has the intention of studying the Ryuutei's strange form of chakra for the purpuse of using it for the village's advantage, wich makes the survival of the subject a top priority. After the attack, the subject must be neutralized and taken to the hospital for research. In case of the young Ryuutei's death, the mission should be accounted for as a failure.

To avoid that the Ryuutei of turning against the village and follow the steps of his clan, the memory of the subject shall be molded to a proper way of handling him, maybe the best way is trying to erase the events that may occur on the night of the attack. His training and development as a Mist ninja shall be monitored closely and reported as soon as the Ryuutei's chakra begins to arise. Further information will be sent about this chakra form as soons as the Science department finishes it's research with the subject.-

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Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei

Post  DM Zabuza on Sun Dec 14, 2008 1:43 pm

Two Shinobi ran in the middle of darkness with great haste nearby Kirigakure as if they were fleeing, both injuried, both desperate. A young girl had a deep cut on her shoulder, while the one next to her, a man about his 20's, had a few minor cuts and bruises. Both of them were wearing Mist headbands.

The female ninja sliped over the tree branch, breaking it and loosing her footing. She has lost too much blood to keep up on that pace, and started falling. Fast as a lightning, the young man flickered and grabed her moments before she fals to the grouns.

-We must rest...your wounds ar too deep, sister Kisune. - The moonlight showed the man's face. Calm and emotionless expression, his imutable tone of voice was almost disturbing.

-R...right, aniki...-said the young girl, beautiful and gracious, but with a wild look on her eyes, like a savage animal's.

The girl leaned against the tree, using her medical shinobi skills to start tending her wound. If it were any inch deeper, she would probably not have the strength to run like that. Most likely, she wouldn't even be alive. The older brother climbed up the tree, and sighted a house on fire inside the Mist Village.

-They burned down our house...Quickly Kisune, it won't be long until they dispacth an ANBU squad to hunt us down...our allies aren't that far, but we must hurry now...

The young girl nodded, healing her wounds quite enough to regain her strength.

-Aniki...do you think Tetsuo-kun is alive...- Saying that with a genuine worried expression, Kitsune's older brother grinned, looking down to her from the top of the tree and smiled.

-Don't worry, he's fine...-After saying that, the smile quickly faded away- But father, I'm not so sure...He lost control, he, amongst all the Ryuutei...everything went out of hand because of that...The ANBU must've cutted him down by now, there would be no other choice to stop him...

-I don't care about him. He is the reason things went out like this anyway...- Kitsune stood up, and jumped over the tree branch and started running and jumping from tree to tree over again- Come on! They are waiting for us!!

The older brother grinned again, as he followed her into the darkness. Not long after that they were already near the shore, a group of 10 men or more were there, waiting for them. Soon enough, one of them saw both of them approaching, and he tought seeing something strange. Without hesitating, he threw a kunai at them. Kitsune grabed it in mid-air quite easily.

-What the hell do you think you're doing, you jerks!? It's us!!- yelled kitsune angrily.

-Uh..erm...sorry...- the man shrugged, with an apologizing look- I tought you were two Mist ninja who were sent to hunt you down...you know, those Headbands confused me...

Kitsune looked at her headband, and looked to her brother, who just nodded. Once they unwrapped them off their heads, they dropped it on the floor, and walked towards their group.

-Problem solved. We don't need those anymore. The Brothers of Fury group will head out to the Rice Country and regroup. We will only come back to Water Country once we have the power to kill the Mizukage at last. Is that understood!?
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Re: Tetsuo Ryuutei

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