Anko's Training Guide

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Anko's Training Guide

Post  DM Ramen on Thu Dec 04, 2008 3:10 am

Dm Orochimaru wrote this.

Teaching jutsu's

the follow lists jutsu ranks and who can learn and the dc's

E Rank - learned at the acadamy no dc req

D Rank - can be learned by Genin and up
Genin - 15
Chunin - 10
Jounin - 5

C Rank - Learned by Genin and up
Genin - 16
Chunin - 14
Jounin - 10

B Rank - Learned by Chunin and up
Chunin - 18
Jounin 15

A Rank - Chunin may learn 1-2 (Dm's descresion) and up
Chunin - 20 - 18 - 15 (in a row)
Jounin - 17 - 15 - 12 (in a row)

S Rank - Jounin and up
Jounin - 20 - 18 - 15 (in a row)

Training methods

Now since most dm's perfer different ways of training ill give
2 options

Reduction - Reduction method, each time a person rolls and gets the
dc they then reduce that dc by 1 point and continue till they get to 1 dc
or soemthing near it (dm's descresion)

In a row - the learner must hit 3 set dc's in a row one after the other

A and S rank MUST be done in a row but may add the reductiuon to each one as it goes
(at dm's descretion)

Chakra - when learning a jutsu the player will lose chakara each roll,
a failed dc loses half the chakara the jutsu would normally cost, and
normal chakara rate when they compleat it fully. if the player runs out of chakara
they must somehow replenish it or must continue there training at another time
once there chakara has been regained. (NOTE! just becuse the player failed learnin it the
first time does not mean the player cannot try again later)
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