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Kimi The Master of Puppets

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Age: She looks between 15-18. Her exact age is undeterminable.

Hair: Blue

She has a small frail body, not making her look much like of a shinobi at all. Her cold eyes watch silently, taking in their surroundings. Her history is a mystory. Details on her clan had been lost long ago in a fire, and it seems there are very few…if any…left to know what it is that happened. She is usually seen with a large scroll across her back, and currently has a leaf headband around her neck.

Rank: Special Jounin


Puppet Master Body-She automatically gets -2 to taijutsu rolls, due to her study of puppet mastery and her ignoreing of taijutsu.


Voice Throw(E Rank): Allows the puppet master to throw their voice and talk from their puppet.

Henged Puppet(E Rank): For rp uses only. Allows the puppet master to henge the target puppet. If it gets hit, the henge dissipates.

Puppet Substitution(D Rank): Once per battle, if her puppet is not out, she can substitute herself with her puppet and hide somewhere in the terrain.

Basic Mechanical Knowledge(D rank): The puppet master may use their turn to repair the damage on one of their puppets.
Recovers 1/10'th of a Craft Weapon roll, rounded down..on one targeted puppet.

Kugutsu Jutsu(Puppet Mastery)(No rank): Allows her to exert chakra from her fingers like strings, ultimately allowing her to control puppets. It should be noted that these strings ARE usually invisible(the show makes them glow so the viewer can see what's going on)

Guided Kunai(D Rank)(Taught by Kankuro(controlled by Taka)): Allows the puppet master to attach a string to their thrown kunai or shuriken, making it easier to guide with the string.

The puppet master can use their WIS instead of DEX to throw shuriken and Kunai.

Hisaji no Mai (Dance of the Flying Spoons)(C Rank)(Taught by Kankuro(controlled by taka)):Using this quite handy trick, the user is able to move around objects as he would puppets
with his Chakra strings. To be properly effective, the technique can only affect inanimate objects.

The user makes a STR/DEX roll against the strings or is disarmed for 1d4 rounds, then they may reclaim their weapon as a free action.

Chakra Tsumazuku Kousen no Jutsu (Chakra Tripline Technique)(C rank)

The user sends a chakra wire out to trip the opponent, seeing as the wire is hard
to see, the puppet master makes good use of its effect. A basic warm-up technique for most beginning puppet masters.

The target makes a STR/DEX roll against your WIS to stay standing up or they fall prone taking -2 to defense and cannot attack for 1 round.



Suoh: This is her basic humanoid puppet. It looks like a wooden man. She can henge no jutsu her puppet to look like others, but as soon as it’s hit, it’s exposed. It’s legs, arms, and head are detachable..wielding blades among them all. It’s only real non “normal” weapon are it’s wrist launchers. She has loaded the contents of her ninja bag into the puppet’s chest, and has rigged it so that it can fire any of the contents from one of it’s wrists. Suoh is a very basic puppet.


This puppet is shaped like a wolf. It has a longer than an average wolf's tail. It's eyes glow a bit red. Kimi has put tools in it's belly, which she can launch out of it's tail.

Okami is weak against fire, taking an extra 1d6 damage from fire based jutsus.

Claw Slash Combo-This is a combo done by the wolf. It leaps forward and lashes with it's front two claws at a rapid speed. It does normal damage +1d6. It costs 5 chakra.

Wolf Tornado-She sets the puppet spinning, it's legs and arms outstratched from it's body in a bit of an X, it's head upwrite. The damage is normal damage+1d4 and can hit up to two targets. It costs 4 chakra.

Clinging Wolf-The wolf launches at the target, wrapping it's arms and tail around the opponent. If it hits, it holds them for up to 1d4 rounds. If it takes any other action other than holding, it breaks it's hold.

Water Launcher-There is a water launcher with two small containers of water in the wolf's skull. It opens it's mouth to fire a beam of water. It does 1d10 damage. Can only be used 2 times.

Tail Whip-The wolf's tail whips around and strikes the opponent's tail. It doesn't do damage, but trips them up, stunning them for 1 round.

Fang Shot-The fangs shoot out of it's mouth, hitting it's opponent.Fangs shot out will be replaced by another set behind them, which can not be shot. This does 1d10 damage. This can only be done once.

Heavy Chains-The wolf's front paws flip back and can launch a chain from each. If this chain hit's the opponent, it weights them down, giving them -1 to thier taijutsu rolls. This can only be done twice. This lasts 1d6. The target can choose to give up their attack turn to remove the chains.


Washi is an eagle puppet. It's mechanisems are strange..and it would most likely be a difficult puppet for anyone to control, other than it's creator. It's a strange mix of steel and wood, keeping it light, but durable. The eagles eyes glow strangly red, just as Okami's do..showing off the same expert craftmanship that kimi puts into all her puppets. The puppet isn't too big, about 3 feet by 3 feet.

Reinforced Skeleton
The puppet's build is reinforced. It has 2 dr.

Razor Wings
The puppets wings are reinforced with sharp razors, allowing it to do normal weapon damage instead of normal taijutsu damage. However, it suffers as if it just has weapon focus. (-2) (it should be noted it can attack with normal taijutsu damage too, useing it's beak, without the penalty)

Refrence: Genin d6, Chunin d10, Jounin 2d8

Actual Moves:

Expending 2 chakra, the user can speed the puppet up on defensive manovours, giving it +1 to the defensive roll.

Untouchable Scout
The puppet can take off into the air, making it untouchable by taijutsu. Ninjutsu and throwing weapons can still effect it. While in the air, it's too far away to attack. This grants the user the bonus of their wisdom modifier to their spot, however. (example: 10 wis mod would be +10 to spot)

Poison Fog
2 times per battle, the eagle can breath out a cloud of poison at it's oponent. 1d4 damage for 1d4 rounds.

Poison Talon Tips
1 time per battle, the eagle can shoot the tips of it's talons out. If it hits the enemy, it does 1d10 initial damage and then 1d4 poison damage for 1d4 rounds.

Flash Bomb
A section under the bird opens up, allowing it to drop an egg onto the ground. The egg explodes into a flash of light.

It's contested roll is a Dex check. Failure results in -2 to rolls for 1d6 rounds. Effects everyone close to the egg's blast

The tail of the eagle flaps up, emitting a smokescreen behind it. This cover allowes kimi to escape sticky situations easier, allowing +3 to rolls to run away. May only be used once per battle...right before an attempt to run away.

Noble Bird's Nobel End
The eagle divebombs for an opponent and explodes. This does 2d10+2d8 damage and puts the bird out of comission until kimi can repair it. (minimum 24 rl hours)


Gabriel is a larger angel puppet. It’s Kimi’s fourth puppet, and is up to date the largest. It is about 8 feet tall, in the shape of a well formed male angel. It’s eyes glow red, a signature that Kimi has used to mark all of her puppets so far. Gabriel has an impressive wingspan, and carries a large greatsword. The flat end of the blade along the greatsword has several markings on it.

Gabriel wields it’s sword as if it had epic weapon focus. It’s damage is standard weapon damage, but it also does 1d4 damage to the opponents chakra.

Chakra Poison: Lifting out of the top of the back of it’s wrists, gabrial is able to shoot a needle tipped with a specially developed poison. When entering the bloodstream the poison actually eats away at a bit of the chakra in the body.
Does 2d4 damage to chakra. 4X per battle.

Chakra Drain: Using a stone embedded in it’s hand, gabrial is able to drain chakra from it’s opponent. This chakra is transferred through it’s body, then down through the strings and into the users body.
Drains 2d6 chakra and transfers it to the user. 2X per battle.

Wing Needles: Expanding it’s wings, Gabrial is able to shoot out a sea of needles at it’s opponent. The needles fill the air so thickly, it causes the air to become black in front of the puppet for a moment.
Due to the sheer number of the needles, the move is undogeable. It does 3d8 damage. 1X per battle.

Flurry Slash: Gabrial launches forward, slashing it’s opponent into the air. It launches upwards then and comes down above it’s opponent, slashing it several times as the two fall back to the earth. Gabriel then releases a final slash, slamming the opponent into the ground, hard.
Normal Weapon damage+1d6.(does not do the 1d4 chakra damage) Costs 5 cp.

Angels Restoration: Using the same process as the chakra drain…but in reverse…the user is able to feed it’s chakra through the strings into Gabriel. Gabriel then mechanically converts it and distributes it accordingly, amazingly repairing it’s damage.
Recovers 1 hp of the puppet for every 1 cp fed into it. Maximum of 10 each round.

Chakra Seal: Gabriel’s chest opens and launches out a strange device that looks like a spider with a seal on it. If it hits it’s opponent, it latches on and cuts off chakra flow.
Prevents the use of doing anything that exerts chakra(including puppet mastery, jutsus, taijutsu, genjutsu, etc etc) for 1d4 rounds. 1X per battle.

Spinning Saw Blade: It’s arm detaches at the elbow, and a spinning saw blade extends outwards. After the saw blade strikes it’s opponent it detaches, and the regular arm is replaces back on.
2d8 damage. 1X per battle.

Flame Thrower: A thin tube exerts from it’s wrists and fires a stream of flame that melts everything it it’s path. The flame thrower can also be used to block an oncoming taijutsu attack.
1d10 damage. When uses as a block, it does 1d4 damage. 4X per battle

Limb Dance: One arm and both legs detach, and blades come out of the end of the limbs. They spin and slam down at the opponent or opponents.
Does 2d8 to one opponent, or 1d6 each to two or three opponents. Costs 5 cp.

Nerve Gas: Opening it’s mouth it lets out a breath of toxic nerve gas.
Unblockable. Use dex to get out of the way of the cloud, or a jutsu to get out of the way/dissipate the cloud/etc,etc. Disables the target for 1d4 rounds, or until hit. 2X per battle.

Thorns Of Torment: Gabriel launches at it’s opponent and attempts to wrap it’s arms around them. If it does, kunai knives come out of it’s forearms. The puppet then can remain motionless.
Does 1d4 damage initially. Then, as long as the puppet remains immobile and latched on…and up to 1d6 rounds..if the target it’s latches on to does any offensive taijutsu, it suffers 1d6 damage.
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