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Aky Akykyo Al'akir Xmascam019od1.th

First Name: Akykyo Al'akir
Age: 17
Height: 6,1
Weight: 160 lbs
Eye Color: Dark blue
Hair color: Black
Village: Sand
Element(s): Lightning, and wind
Rank: Special Jonin

Character History:

A typical gennin of the sand village Akykyo had no remarkable traits, from an early age he decided that he would entertain as well as protect, this he found could be done with the techniques his mother taught him. Though he strove to gain everything he can from the academy his heart never strayed from the art of puppets.

Aky is very cynical, in his head, he's always polite and courteous but does not hesitate to be direct and stern when necessary, he is cunning and very crafty when he needs to be. He loves his village and its inhabitants, and by extension allies of his village, in his normal state he would give his life to protect those in his care, and gladly take on enemies far greater than he if only to help a little.

In contrast, any who has met him can tell you how dangerous his obsession with his puppets borders, those closest tend to quickly realize that a state of bloodlust is never far when one of his creations is destroyed, undeniably homicidal and utterly ruthless in this state Aky would not hesitate to bring down friend or foe in his rage

His skill at manipulation extends far beyond that of his puppets, prone to controlling individuals through actions and words he strives to be a puppet master in ever sense of the word.

By his actions he has made few enemies among the village shinobi, the most notable being Hiraka, the rogue leaf nin, a self imposed adversary would be Jard Milleomein, who's presumptuous nature convinced Aky that something would have to be done about the leaf jonins attitude towards those weaker than he.

His current goal is to gain recognition from Sunagakures Puppet brigade, despite winning the chunin exams the elusive brigade still showed no interest in him, he hopes to draw their attention by participating in the Golden Dragon tournament.


Crafting weapons, tools, puppets, etc etc

Short Term Goals:
At least get the Puppet Brigade to notice him
Master two puppet technique
Finish developing his special jutsu
Learn more about sealing techniques to further his art

Long Term Goals:
Gain positive attention of ANBU
Become Head of the Puppet Brigade
Develop a large and varied collection
Trick, scheme, or manipulate Chiyo-basama into teaching him
Acquire a puppet created by Sasori of the Red Sands

Secret Goal:
Locate Sasori of the Red Sands

Special: Kugutsu no jutsu

Kao-Borrowed mannequin from Kimi of the leaf
Not to be used in battle

FeatherV2-Rebuilt after Orochimaru destroyed him FeatherV2 is a basic humanoid puppet, his notable traits would have to be the serpentine features here and their; the tail, slit like eyes, dainty fangs and clawed hands..the faint smattering of scales etched into the puppets surface show the delicate work and time spent on aesthetic value.

Rp: Arms turned into chakra emitters


RP: Additional hood added for chakra emitters

This puppet is quite large, standing at a full seven feet, four feet large it is clearly built for defense, Despite it's size it is broken only into three segments, the first being the head is filled with an assortment of tools and mechanisms the second is completely hollow, allowing for room to stand within. the tail is likewise filled with tools.

Note-The puppets corded tongue runs the length of it's body

Note-The second segment has tiny slots on its underbelly

Special-A chakra crafted alloy coats it's back giving it Dr 2/- *similar to the cloaks of discord (+2 soak 15)
Special-User can climb into the puppet and climb out of the puppet. Doing so takes a turn, but renders the user incapable of being attacked directly. If the puppet is destroyed, the user takes 1d8 damage. -1 to rolls due to lack of visibility while in the puppet.

Special-Because of the puppets immense size Genin take -2 to defense rolls with it, this drops to -1 for chunin and disappears altogether upon reaching jonin.

Cobra Stance-This technique allows the puppet to coil in on itself and those within, this places it's vulnerable side to the ground and reveals only its armored back. This stance takes a full round to enter and increases the dr to 5/-, the puppet can not move from this stance but can use ranged attacks. This technique takes a full round to exit. (note that unless they use dance of the serpent, they automatically take the damage.

Dance of the Serpent-This technique can only be used after Cobra stance, It allows the puppet to attack and defend within the cobra stance with its extended tail from its standing position. This counts as ranged. This technique cost 4 chakra per use (4 for each attack and 4 for each defense)

Acid spittle-This technique allows Cerastes to fire a stream of liquid poison at the opponent. This does 1d4 damage for 1d4 rounds, this ability can only be used twice

Kurisutaru Kawa (Glass River)-This technique allows the puppet to release a stream of glass at the enemy, because of the shattering nature of glass and the sharpness it is unblockable (it is dodgable) this does 2d4 dmg and then 1d4 damage the next round, at the beggining of the round. This technique cost 5 chakra and can only be used once.

Tongue lash-The puppets tongue extends several feet, if hit this attack binds the target. Stun 1d4 or until hit.

Vipers Hiss-This technique twists the puppet about, pushing air through the puppets body, the shriek emitted from the massive object is loud enough to cause slight distraction. -1 rolls for 1d4 rounds. This technique can not be used if someone is inside the puppet. 2 times per day.

Dance of the rattlesnake-This technique is a intricate rolling dance that sends the puppet into a frenzy. (acts as a smoke bomb) Can only be used where their is sand or dirt. This technique costs 2 chakra


Tree, climbing, water walking, sand walking
(Taught by Kanya)

(Taught by Kanya)


E Rank-

Voice Throw
Description: Allows the puppet master to throw their voice and talk from their puppet.

Rank E
Description?: Transformation jutsu

Henged Puppet
Rank: E
Description: For rp uses only. Allows the puppet master to henge the target puppet. If it gets hit, the henge dissipates.

D Rank-

Guided Kunai
Rank: D
Description: Allows the puppet master to attach a string to their thrown kunai or shuriken, making it easier to guide with the string.

PVP: The puppet master can use their WIS instead of DEX to throw shuriken and Kunai.
(Taught by Kimi)

Puppet Substitution
Rank: D
Description: Works like substitution, but the puppet appears where the user was (it doesn't take damage from this attack)..and the user disappears somewhere.
(In place of substitution)

Electric Jolt
Rank D
Chakra Cost-3
effect: 1d10
(Taught by Handashi)

Fuuton: Small wind blast
Rank: D
Cp: 3
PVP: 1d10
Description: The user sends a small blast of wind at the target
(Taught by Npc controled by DM Zabuza)

Flying Kunai
Rank: D
CP: 3+3 per kunai
PVP: Wis roll instead of dex for throwing
Description; Using their chakra the user manipulates the air pressure around the projectile.

C Rank-

Hisaji no Mai (Dance of the Flying Spoons)
Rank: C
CP: 5
Description: Using this quite handy trick, the user is able to move around objects as he would puppets
with his Chakra strings. To be properly effective, the technique can only affect inanimate

PVP: The target makes a STR/DEX roll against the strings or is disarmed for 1d4 rounds, then they may reclaim their weapon as a free action.
(Taught by Kimi)

Fuuton: Kaze Ya no Jutsu (Wind Arrow Technique)
Rank: C
CP: 5
Description: The user molds chakra and breathes in. He or she then blows out and an arrow made of wind is shot from the user’s mouth. The arrow cannot be blocked but it can be dodged. Since it is made out of wind the arrow is hard to see. One arrow shot at a time.
PVP: Deals 2d8-1, unblockable
(Taught by Jard)

B Rank

Chakara no Tate (Chakra shield)
Rank: B
Chakra Cost: 8
RP Description: A puppet master jutsu, A mechanism in the puppets arm fans out to bringforth a barrier
of chakra that can block many deadly attacks.
PVP Effect: Gives the Puppet master +4 to block as long as they block with the puppet
(taught by Kankuro possessed by DM DERSY)


Scorpion Style: Tail Sting Kick
Rank: D
Chakra Cost: 3
PVP: Normal dmg + 1d4
User jumps into the air begins spinning and comes down with chakra infused heel, the hell slams on the targets shoulder
(Taught by Kayna)

Chakra Focus Legs
Rank: C
Chakra Cost: 5
PVP: 1d4 to dex rolls for 1d4 rounds
Description: The user focuses chakra to their legs, increasing their speed and agility
(Taught by Kanya)


Grappling Vines
Rank D
Chakra cost-3
Effect: 1d4 stun
(Taught by Takida)

Withering Vines
Rank C
Chakra Cost-5
Effect: 1d4 stun and 1d4 chakra drain
(Taught by Takida)

Genjutsu Release
(taught by Takida)
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